1-IMG_7584Pictured Rock National Lakeshore on the banks of Lake Superior is tucked away on the eastern corner of Michigan’s beautiful upper peninsula. It is only one of two Lakeshores protected by the NPS. Just the number of pictures I took here is a testament to the untampered beauty of this place; It’s truly a photographer’s dream destination

1-IMG_1192The biggest attraction here is the painted cliffs that stretch 13 miles along the shores of Lake Superior which give the National Lakeshore their name. Made of limestone and chiseled by the Lake, these yellow, red, pink, orange cliffs are best viewed from the lake itself. While Kayak is probably the best way to experience them, with kids in tow, a 2.5-hour ‘cruise’ most suited us. Following good advice from Trip Advisor, we booked the 5 pm cruise, when the sun shines on the rocks and brings out the ‘red’ color.

I could spend pages describing the picture(d)-esque cliffs but I won’t even try, instead, just watch the 3-minute video below. We were in awe of nature, it’s just fantastic.

1-IMG_7512One would be forgiven to think, the cliffs are the only attraction here but there is more. This place is blessed with greenery from pillar to post. Just driving through here on the M-58 is an experience in itself. While ‘Tunnel of Trees’ is the best driving route in Michigan, M-58 is a close second. Even in peak summer, traffic in Michigan is pretty light, so we could just cruise and enjoy the scenery. I went crazy taking pictures and videos of the route.

SONY DSCWhere there is greenery, usually there is hiking. We did a couple of small hikes of 30-45 min to see two waterfalls: Sable Falls and Munising Falls. Both are flushed with absolutely amazing shades of green, but I obsessed over Sable Falls, just clicked picture after picture.

1-IMG_7482The thick fauna has a downside: save a few spots reachable by hikes, uninterrupted view of the rocks or of the immense Lake Superior are virtually non-existent. One spot on the cliff where we did get a 180-degree view of the worlds largest freshwater lake is Log Point. The amount of fresh water in the lake is just beyond comprehension. Another spot, the ‘Lake Superior Lookout’, is at the ‘lake-level’, where we could wade into the water; the kids had a blast.

1-IMG_7519Pictured Rock is just brilliant. Lucky for us that we added Pictured Rock to our itinerary, just a few days before we began our trip to Michigan.I am glad we took the extra time and effort to visit Pictured Rock.


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