1-IMG_1344We drove 1600 miles across the length and breadth of Michigan in the summer of 2017. Most roads and especially those in the Upper Peninsula (UP), the northern part of the state, are just mesmerizingly green with trees lined on either side. The scenic highway M-58, in Pictured Rock National Lakeshore, takes this experience to yet another level.

1-IMG_1375Is it possible to top the M-58? we asked ourselves. The answer is a resounding, Yes! The epitome of beautiful drivable roads in Michigan is the ‘Tunnel of Trees’; highway M-119 between the villages of Cross Village and Harbor Springs.

Every shade of green finds representation here. My favourite, if there is such a thing, is the fluorescent green. In the video below, I have tried to capture the changes in shades of green; it is not just the camera adjusting to the light, it is, in fact, the color of those trees!

1-IMG_1377The highway is very close to Lake Michigan’s shore but neither is the lake visible due to the trees nor did we care since our attention was fixated upon the trees. There are very few mom-and-pop stores and restaurants in Cross Village and Hart village along the way.

1-IMG_7615It took us about 45 min to complete the drive, the video covers about 15 mins of it, condensed in a 1.30 min. clip.

Please enjoy the video and whenever you visit….take your time and take lots of pictures.


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