When researching ‘things to do in Latvia’, I feel in love with pictures of Turaida castle and one picture, in particular, caught my eye: Castle grounds against a backdrop of Sigulda River with clouds rising from the forest area. I hoped I could see & capture this sight during our trip in Jul 2015.


Turida has a history of battles and coups, which have taken their toll; most of the fortifications have crumbled, only one wall remains. Still, my interest in Latvian history begins with the Soviet occupation in 1940, so I didn’t delve very much into the history of the castle.

Inside the castle walls, a few restored buildings remain, chief among them the freestanding main tower. As a defensive measure, the entrance to the main tower is high above the ground, accessible only via a ladder, to make it difficult for attackers to gain access. We climbed the tower by the way of a narrow, winding stairways that opened into large circular rooms. One in particular, with a large fireplace, seemed to come straight from ‘Game of Thrones’ or is it the other way around? The highest room in the tower is an observation area; this is where the view was truly breathtaking!

Turida Castle

Thick lush green forest surrounded the castle from all sides. The meandering Sigulda River cut through the forest and added an additional dimension to the scenery.  That day, it was cold and rainy which made clouds rise from the forest and the river. The red-bricked castle looked magnificent against this backdrop. It was just a magical sight, just as I had wished!! I feel lucky to have seen and photographed the imagery!


Due of the dreary weather, we didn’t visit the rest of the castle grounds but it didn’t matter, I had captured Turaida!


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