Apr 19th 2014:

On a whim, for no reason, I began taking pictures of number plates of US states sometime in late Feb 2014. I thought it would take a long time to get all 51, counting Washington DC, but I am pleasantly surprised that two month later, I have spotted 34 states. I have seen all these plates MYSELF and taken these pictures MYSELF. Special shoutout to everyone who alerted me to a number plate I was missing! Thanks to those who offered to send me pictures from their states! Sorry guys, I have to see it myself.

I spotted many cars from western states in DC-Virginia Area and many from eastern states right here in Southern CA. I am amazed at the cross country driving people still do; in spite of budget airlines. Some of these cars are rentals but not as many as you’d think.

Most astonishing sighting was the Alaskan number plate in Alexandria,VA; talk about cross country driving! The funniest one is from Virginia – see for yourself. Also, click on the pictures to see the captions added by each state. Do you know the “Volunteer State” or the “Constitution State” or the “Show me State”? Ohio is “Birthplace of Aviation” but which state is “First in Flight”?

I have 16 more to go so this blog is not complete yet.

Aug 2014

New Plates: Iowa, Montana, Maine, Wisconsin, Colorado & Vermont.  10 Plates left!!

Feb 2015

New Plates: Hawaii, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota.  5 Plates left!!

Almost 10 months later, its taking me longer to find the remaining plates. Always the 80-20 Rule I suppose. The most elusive is West Virginia, especially since I work in Virginia. I only saw it once while driving, but no texting while driving so no picture. I never thought I would see Hawaii and Alaska on main land but those two are checked. Lets see if I can get all by Apr 2015!

Mar 2015 –  3 Plates left!!

Found 2 more. West Virginia: This one has been most frustrating like I said last month. But I found it and of all places in California! Its not a good photo since I was in the passenger seat but I got it ! Found Mississippi on my first day in San Antonio. I have seen so many since then! I guess proximity plays a part in that one.


2 thoughts on “Traveling Number Plates

  1. Awesome post! More Thrill would be take the picture only when you happen to be physically present in each of these states! Keep it up Mr. Pravaasi!

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